>Enjoy the view


Good day! The sun is shining brightly and the birds are playing in the trees this morning. Spring is such a wonderful time of year…it reminds us of re-birth, refreshment of nature is in the air. The longer days make me feel more energetic and alive.

I was going to write about how I got into the candle business today; however as I sat at my keyboard a happiness came over me as I looked out the window at the sun, blue skis and hummingbirds buzzing by. There is a feeling of happiness and new hope in me today. Instead of being the person that use to sit and look outside at all the work that must be done (weeding, trimming, mowing) I now look at the beauty that God has given me. Now this beauty makes me wonder why anyone would want to cut down a tree that blocks his view…does he not realize that he has a view of the tree? Why are people killing animals that are supposedly endangering the habitat? What? We are endangering the habitat by changing their living quarters. They are shooting sea lions that are trying to eat…I believe that the sea lions were eating fish long before we were. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a vegan or anything…yet…it boggles my mind why our society has become so selfish. It has become all about how big a house, car, yard, boat, jet skis that we must have.

David and I worked very hard remodeling our home in Spokane before putting it on the market. It was extremely hard work but the end product was beautiful. It looked like a model home when we were all done…we even “staged” it to look like one of those HGTV shows. Come to find out, after spending upwards of $15,000 to remodel it the market had crashed in our area in the time it took us to do the work (3 months). We sold our home for absolutely no profit; however we would of lost about $30,000 if we hadn’t remodeled…the moral of the story is….we moved to a simple house at the ocean and it is just fine. By simple I mean a manufactured home with basically no upgrades since it was built in 1989. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a shack or anything yet it is a far cry from the designer kitchen etc that we had in Spokane. Guess what? It doesn’t matter! David and I are just as happy as can be to live here as that big beautiful house. We get up each day when we want to, work when we want and take numerous breaks throughout the day to go walk on the beach. We have about a 1/3 of an acre which does need lots of weeding, trimming and mowing and eventually it will get done but what is important is that the sun is shining, it is a day full of possibility and hope. The shrubs that cover my “view” out the window are just fine as I have learned to look at the view I do have…of three nests that are full of new life.

Take time to enjoy your “view” today and think about all the things that you DO have, not what you DON’T have! Love, family, friendship is all much more important than the car you drive.


Owner – Sally Lee Candle Co.

About marierhoades

Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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