>History of Sally Lee


This is my first blog so bear with me while I learn…hopefully I’ll get much better sooner than later. Today was the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing. What changes a year can make. I have decided that today is the first day of the rest of my life and it will begin with this blog.
One year ago, my mother unexpectedly died. We all thought she had the flu but was diagnosed with Leukemia…only to pass away four days after the diagnosis. When something like this happens it really makes you think about your life. What you don’t know is that just one week prior to this horrific event, my mother-in-law also unexpectedly died! Can you believe it? Neither could we.

The year continued to challenge us with illness, injury, job loss, home renovation, daughter moving out, home sale with no profit and then relocation across the state. Pretty much every single stressful thing that could go wrong did.

At the time this happened I was a very motivated and strong woman who let nothing step in her way but losing my best friend and mother made my heart break and I lost every bit of drive that I had once had. After a year I still feel an emptiness inside that I don’t really know how to describe. My husband and I keep thinking that we’ll just wake up one morning and everything will be back to normal…what is normal? We just keep getting up each day, appreciating the fact that we have each other and keep trying to move forward. It may be a tiny bit at a time, but we are moving forward slowly but surely.

To get to the point of the story. While going through the terrible stresses and strains of 2008, my husband and I made some decisions: that we didn’t want to work for anyone else again, we wanted to do something we enjoyed, we wanted to make a difference in the world ALAS the idea of Sally Lee Candle Co. My mother, Hazel, was given a nickname around the age of 8 of Sally. My mother in laws name was Mona Lee Kimbriel. What better way to honor our mothers than to work each day for a company named after them. Let me be completely honest with you, they both were very strong willed, independent women and it was tough to be their kids at times, however we loved them more than anything on earth.

As the one year anniversary passes we look forward to new memories (our daughter is going to get married soon), being independent and not working for the “man” as well as living life on our own terms. We are working hard each day getting Sally Lee Candle Co. ready for business. My husband is turning our garage into a full fledged candle factory. We have selected our candle fragrances, packaging etc and I’m working on all the business/marketing/web stuff.

We thank our new and old friends for hanging in there with us during our trying times and the new and exciting times that are ahead. We look forward to serving you in the very near future.

Peace to you and yours.
Marie Rhoades

Owner/Business Manager
Sally Lee Candle Co.

About marierhoades

Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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2 Responses to >History of Sally Lee

  1. >Marie,You are an inspiration! Good luck with your business and your blog. I live in Vancouver, WA. Would love to meet you if I'm in Ocean Park.Kay

  2. Sally Lee™ says:

    >Thanks for your comment, Kay. I appreciate your positive comments and support! Have a fabulous week…Marie

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