>Even positive people have days, weeks, months (well, not months) of frustration. I try to find the good in all things, however the past two days have been painfully frustrating.

First off, I don’t feel very well but the show must go on! David is out of town and I have spent the past two days trying to figure out the best option for the future of our web store.

Choices? Sell our candles on Amazon.com; sell on an Amazon Webstore; continue to sell on our own website. After researching I decided to join as an Amazon Pro Marketplace seller, which enables me to list our own unique items that Amazon doesn’t currently sell. I literally read every word of each page, watched the silly tutorials, signed up and when I got to the first page – whammy! I can’t list any of my handmade candles because I don’t have a UPC code for each one. Argh!

Next waste of time.. I spent hours researching about how to get UPC codes…money, lots of money is what I found out. I was able to afford to purchase a few, I then went back to Amazon, listed a candle with the UPC code and guess what? What? I have to buy a UPC for each scent, not just each type of candle. I was lucky enough to find some codes for $10 a piece (seriously, a bargain when compared to $1500 at some sites) however we are a small business that offers 25 scents, have 5 styles plus gift sets of various scents…yes, that is a lot of money. Hmmm..now what?

So..I then went back to Amazon to look at their Webstore option again – it says that sellers can list their own products and link to the items all ready listed on Amazon (we have some books, Barbies, DVD’s). They make it VERY simple to sign up and guess what! What you ask? Yes, I have to have UPC codes to sell on my own webstore!

Well, I guess my question was answered. I’ll stick with the website which I put together and continue working on organic SEO to get more visitors and sales.

I think what really ultimately irked me is that I really like Amazon and we have done very well selling books and DVDs through their individual marketplace (you can only sell items which have previously been listed).

Why can’t companies just be honest and straightforward about what you need before getting you to sign up? I know that if it seems too good to be true, then it is…my problem is that I’m honest so I think that others are honest. Silly me!

Upon reading over this post I realize that this really wasn’t a waste of time. I made up my mind to stick with what I have and continue to promote like crazy.

What is the morale of this post? Sometimes when we are frustrated or feel like we are wasting our time – we AREN’T! We however can’t see it until after the fact.

Thanks for letting me share my frustrations with you…until next time. Peace.

Marie – Owner


About marierhoades

Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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One Response to >Frustration

  1. Sally Lee™ says:

    >I wanted to thank everyone that contacted me directly about my Frustation – I was able to get info from a friend of a friend and can now list our soy candles on Amazon.com!! Interested in specifics? Leave me a comment and I'll contact you.Peace.

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