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>We received the following email this morning and it has some really good questions in it. I thought I would share in case anyone else wondered about some of the same things. If you have any questions or constructive critism, please don’t be shy!

Hello David and Marie,

I was inspired by your story. What a great way to honor your respective mothers. I see you all work very hard to produce a superior candle product using eco-friendly components. In today’s world, this is a refreshing change.

I had a couple of questions…are the candles 100% soy wax? Also, what is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

I found, after thorough review of your web site that there were a couple of “letdowns” (please don’t take that as a negative). The limited number of scents and no larger size candles. I have found, for instance, the “sweet” spot in candle size (most popular) appears to be the jar candles that have anywhere from 12oz to 20oz of wax. Molded “food” type candles appear to be very popular too. Things such as pie candles or other “food” shaped candles with the corresponding scent.

Looking forward to your reply! 🙂




Good morning, Doug:

Thank you for your honest comments; they are greatly appreciated. I am happy to hear that our story inspired you. It is difficult to put our personal story out for the world to share; however we have been able to inspire others to work through their pain and move forward after tragedy.

I would like to address your “letdowns” commented on below:

We use only 100% soy wax! No paraffin blends, no vegetable oil blends, no stearic acid; just soy.

Essential oils are all natural – They are generally distilled (most frequently by steam or water) from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots of plants. They are extremely difficult to work with for candle making. The candles normally do not offer as strong a scent.

Fragrance oils are blended synthetic aroma compounds man-made and the ones we purchase are specifically for candles. They unfortunately are based with unnatural materials; however we have found a soy based fragrance oil manufacturer and are looking into changing over as many scents as we can.

Also, we have been experimenting with Essential Oils in our candles for 6 months and will not give up until we find the right combinations to produce truly an entirely ‘natural’ candle for those looking for one.

Our limited number of scents: We offer 24 scents plus scent free. Since we have been selling candles since 2001 we studied the most popular scents and narrowed it down to these 24. We use to sell 60+ scents and many never sold, which is a waste of money & time for us as the manufacturers. We are not a “Wal-Mart” and people purchase from us because we aren’t – they want to support an actual artisan/small business.

No large jar candles: Again, we use to sell up to a 24 oz. glass jar candle and the sales were mediocre. With the current cost of shipping across the Country we find that with our tin containers (which are partially made from recycled materials) that we have absolutely NO breakage claims, CHEAPER shipping for our customers and the small containers (and price) are much more pleasing to consumers who don’t have a lot of extra money in this economy. We do have a 16 oz. tin currently being tested for production before the holidays, but I don’t see us adding anything larger in the near future.

Food shaped/scented candles: I agree that these are popular now and in the past. There are many manufacturers who do a fine job of making these; however with using only 100% soy wax I cannot make molded candles. Our niche is 100% soy wax candles; a company that runs as eco-friendly as possible; a company that promotes other eco-friendly stores and products. There are a ton of candle companies and we want to stick with our niche. Getting into the food shaped candles is a completely different beast!

I hope this answers your questions; and no I didn’t take them negatively :O) Constructive critisism is a fabulous way to learn from others.

I wish you peace and happiness and would love to hear from you again!

Enjoy the weekend



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