>Twittering Group on LinkedIn

>I was recently asked to jot down my thoughts about my association with a group called, “Twittering” which is on LinkedIn.

When I started my first business in 1994 the Internet was some new-fangled thing that most were completely fearful of, including me. In the year 2009, the Internet is still frightful to some; however millions have used it to unite the world with strong relationship building and support systems. Even though the Internet isn’t new, there are still many that don’t harness everything that it has to offer.

My husband and I founded, Sally Lee Candle Co., in January of this year. Even though the World is in the midst of tough economic times and we just relocated to an entirely new locale, we are extremely confident that our Internet based eco-friendly candle business will succeed. Part of the main reason we feel secure about our business is because of the relationships we have developed on Twitter and through the Twittering Group on LinkedIn.

When I first came upon the Twittering Group I was more than a bit apprehensive about joining. The membership was full of corporate executives with big titles and numerous college degrees in varied specialties. I quickly wondered what this group could provide to someone like me: a woman living in a rural area, small business owner and technical school graduate. Shortly after joining the LinkedIn Twittering group it became apparent that the group’s members were generous, caring and honest business leaders from around the globe…and most importantly that I had nothing to worry about. It was refreshing to find that I was not alone in thinking that reciprocal promotion benefits everyone.

The Group constantly bands together to support each other on Twitter and without this I’m honestly not sure where our business would be today. One such occasion…I recently awoke with a migraine and was not able to do any work, when I finally got around to checking Twitter I had found that my LinkedIn Twittering Group had tweeted and retweeted information about our business’s website, blog etc. Even though I wasn’t able to work that day my Group was standing behind us and promoting our business. They didn’t even know our circumstances, but that didn’t stop them from being our heroes that day!

The amount of professional and personal growth that has taken place since being involved in Twitter and the LinkedIn Group is astounding. Besides generally renewing our faith in people, we have been provided free marketing advice, free high traffic link exchange, branding and packaging suggestions as well as gained numerous new and repeat customers, are provided with useful business articles as well as a solid support system. We have been contacted to do two radio interviews, are in talks to have our product featured on a new TV show, be included in two books about eco-friendly products, asked to sponsor several contests and/or have our products reviewed where in return we are receiving advertising on high traffic websites. Personally, I have just been asked to guest blog on a website and my confidence has grown from all of the positive reinforcement that is received from Twitter and the LinkedIn Group.

Admittedly, the relationships are the best part of Twittering. The LinkedIn group members check in with me every so often to see how things are going. Just a warm hello from a supportive person is a great feeling, no matter who you are! My tiny world has become enlarged with the varied thoughts, suggestions and inspiration that others provide. Twitter has opened my world and I have connections in Russia, Sweden and India as well as people a few miles down the road. Each and every one of these people adds value to my life, heart and business.

Deep down we are all the same, all looking for a connection….a support system…acceptance.

June 23, 2009 – Officialwire.com has posted a Press Release about this group and a little blurb from Sally Lee Candles is included.

The Twittering Group On Linkedin…Worth more than a Wharton MBA?

If you are a Twitter regular, I invite you to join us!


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