>The Greatest Gift

>I recently had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with Candita Clayton from Your Life Organized and 5 Steps to Green (she actually has numerous websites). Candita is a “greenie” who is extremely passionate about getting the word out about simple ways to help the environment.

I must admit that my passion for anything has been hidden for the past few years as I mourn the loss of my mother and mother-in-law. For some reason, after speaking with Candita, I felt energized again. I believe that her honest and sincere passion came forth through the phone line that day and it sparked my creativity again. I awoke the next morning full of excitement and ideas flowing from my brain like they were in overdrive. I jotted notes quickly so that this perimenopausal brain could remember all the fabulous ideas that came from within.

I am a woman of passion again. Candita reminded me why I am in the business I am in. I want to save the world! I want to shake each mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, every man and woman to make them realize that they CAN make a difference and that if they don’t they are taking the greatest gift away from our children…the environment.

My mind quite often goes back to a friend of mine from long ago that stated, “What is all the fuss about? I’m just a single person and me changing my lightbulbs isn’t going to make a difference!” At the time I wasn’t a person that would make waves so I kept my thoughts to myself. I am not that person anymore. We all make a difference! If each human on the planet changed one of their lightbulbs to a compact fluorescent bulb (CFC)then we would, and could, certainly make a difference.

Here’s an everyday thing that people buy….candles. Do you really know what you are buying? I’ve heard literal words of love expressed for Yankee Candles and the wonderfully cheap deals on candles at WalMart. Over the years I’ve seen many make excuses for the black soot that remains on the inside of jar of their favorite candle. I’ve also heard every story under the sun about what the black soot marks on their walls, furniture and curtains are from. Honestly, if you burn paraffin candles on a regular basis then most likely the black marks on your furniture, walls and candle jars are from the soot which emits from your wonderful paraffin (aka petroleum, petrochemical by-products) candles. Black soot. Toxic soot. Soot goes into the air you breathe.

I really am not here to scare or badger anyone. This is my passion – – I believe in the environment, in healthier products for the home, in non-toxic gifts. If I can wake up one person’s mind then my job is done…until tomorrow!

There are so many little things that humans can easily do to make a difference – to save our greatest gift – what are you doing?

Below is a video which visualizes my thoughts stated above and hopefully it will stimulate your thinking…


Until next time…peace.

Marie & David – Founders

Sally Lee Candle Co.


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Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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One Response to >The Greatest Gift

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Nice Video, hope it helps. If everyone would realize that all it takes is small steps to improve the quality of life for everyone on this planet we'd be so much better off. Thanks for making a difference.Bill@timberwolf123

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