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We are pleased to announce that L. Gruger Hanson is this week’s Earth Friendly Marketplace business of the week.

I am Bend, Oregon artist Lindy Gruger Hanson. I love what I do and hope that comes across in my art! I am so grateful to be sharing my work online! To those who enjoy my paintings, and not just as customers, but as truly interested and inspired friends and supporters, I THANK YOU for giving me a chance to paint these images and share them with you!

Artist Statement

I paint colorful whimsical worlds filled with odd shapes, interwoven line and vivid colors. My aim is to create art with the belief that art can inspire people, it can help to heal, make a house a home, and bring joy and positive energy into the world!

My paintings are a way to express my inner vision in what I call my symbolic language. I love color. I love texture. I like to take shapes, lines, textures and colors to create a world from the imagination. Worlds of playfulness and energy connecting each of us to each other.

My work focuses on the idea that everything in our universe is connected. Everything is in a relationship with everything else. This conviction is based on the fact that everything is made up of energy which is shown as glowing elements in my paintings. Recently I’ve been using a dot patten in my work which also represents connectivity.

Some things I like: swirly spirals, birds, symbolic shapes and adding color to the world!


The medium I use most in painting is acrylic. My technique involves building up layers of paint over an undercoat of textural pattern. I use a dry paper, wood panel or canvas that is covered with gesso. Layers of color and line are applied next. My own printing technique is used to apply pattern to the painting. Often this pattern is given an aged look by rubbing some of the paint off with water when it is semi-dry. More color, marks and images are applied next, building up layers and giving the painting a feeling of depth, texture and age as the patterns begin to fade into the background.


Lindy Gruger Hanson was born in Seattle, Washington in 1959. After earning a BA degree in Fine Art from Washington State University, Lindy made her way in the graphic arts field, working in the advertising industry. At the same time, she was creating a variety of fine art ranging from charcoal drawings and mixed media collage to acrylic paintings.

From 1993 to 1996, Lindy was showing her artwork at the Art Not Terminal Gallery in Seattle, Washington. In 1996, she moved to New York City to further her artistic path. She established herself with an art studio in Manhattan and began showing her work with The 14th Street Painters, a group of professional and emerging artists, represented by the Earl Gallery. Lindy’s artwork flourished with the frenetic and creative environment of the city and it is there that she developed her unique painting style. She was awarded the Award of Merit in the 1999 Manhattan Arts International, 8th Annual Competition and the Award of Excellence in the 1998 Manhattan Arts International, 7th Annual Competition.

Being a Northwest native with a love of the outdoors, Lindy missed the hiking, camping, mt. biking and skiing that the west coast offered. So in 1999, Lindy moved to Portland, Oregon and then on to Bend in 2003 where she began showing her work at The Tumalo Art Co. gallery. Lindy’s art has continued to flourish. Bend’s Deschutes Brewery chose Lindy as their 2007 Jubelale artist and she won a third place award for her artwork in Mirror Pond Gallery’s “Shoozam, the Shoe as Metaphor” show and that artwork was also featured on the cover of The Source Weekly, Bend’s weekly newspaper. Currently, Lindy has a home and studio in southwest Bend, where she continues to expand her love of art and the creative process.

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  1. >Thanks for posting about me and my art and shop! Much appreciated!

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