>Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent?

>Costco has, and probably will be, one of my favorite places to shop. They have done a nice job of keeping up with the times as well as making superior products under their own Kirkland brand.

Laundry detergent isn’t a very exciting thing to discuss; however I have just about finished using my first full jug (a full 170 fluid oz) of Kirkland Signature environmentally friendly laundry detergent and I’m a happy camper!

First off, this large container states it does 110 loads and I believe it. Even though it is eco-friendly it was barely a few cents more than the regular detergents. I have very sensitive skin so am slightly picky about the types of detergents that I use but thought I would give this a try.

The large container is quite heavy when full however it has a dynamite push button dispenser (a tap) on the top. Just place the container on its side, push the button to measure out the amount needed. It doesn’t take much to produce nice clean clothes. It has a lavender scent (which isn’t a favorite) but it is very, very light and simply makes things smell clean, not perfumey. Please note that this detergent does not make a bunch of huge soapy bubbles like most detergents do – it doesn’t need to!

The specifics of this fabulous product are:
– Contains no phosphates or dyes
– Biodegradable/Plant based cleaning agents (palm and/or coconut based surfactants)
– Made from bio-renewable resources
– Cruelty-free and no animal testing
– The plastic container is made from 25% or more recycled materials
– Container is fully recyclable

Tough on dirt & stains, yet gentle on the environment – give it a try.


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