>What’s Causing Your Inflammation?

>This is a great article and I hope many people take it to heart.

I suffer from inflammatory disease and can attest to the fact that my pain & inflammation are much worse when I eat refined sugars. I have recently gotten off of them again & am working on converting recipes to healthier alternatives. Sugar is very, very addictive – it took me 3 days of headaches etc. to get it out of my system. As bad as refined sugar is for you HFCS (high fructose corn sugar) is just as bad, perhaps worse for you, and is found in just about every kind of food product. Some food items you might not think contain HFCS are catsup, relish, tomato sauce, many soups, jellies, practically all crackers and cookies and other packaged goods. Read your labels!

Americans are on a bona fide sugar binge. During the past 25 years, the average person’s intake of sugar and other natural sweeteners ballooned from 123 to as many as 160 pounds a year. That breaks down to more than 20 teaspoons of the added white stuff per person per day. And our collective sweet tooth is growing. For the past decade, Americans’ sugar consumption has edged upward at the average rate of nearly 2 percent a year.

Why the sugar obsession? Read full story


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4 Responses to >What’s Causing Your Inflammation?

  1. Ban HFCS says:

    >not sure what the symptoms are or how much you've investigated this issue, but you may have Fructose Malabsorption. I had FM for almost 2 decades before i knew what was causing the intestinal distress. now, with a careful (but not sugar free!) diet, i have gone from discomfort regularly to maybe once a year. here's a description of what i am talking about, just in case you're interested: Why Read Labels

  2. Sally Lee™ says:

    >Thanks so much! I've never heard of FM…I'll definitley look into this further & I sincerely appreciate you forwarding the article.

  3. >Very interesting post…I've had issues with inflammation since 1996…I will look into the Fructose Mal-absorption, never heard of it but doesn't hurt to check it out!!! Something you might find interesting is I stopped using artificial sweeteners a few weeks ago and my legs and feet stopped swelling…I injured both ankles 6 years ago and have had issues since then…My mother had severe migraines for years and once she stopped sweeteners she stopped having the migraines!!I will definitly check out the refined sugars…I'm happy I stopped by! :0)Cheers

  4. Sally Lee™ says:

    >Thanks for stopping bye! I love my Splenda but I'm sure that I should get off of it as well. Maybe I'll do a trial run to see if I feel better. I have recently incorporated Green Tea into my diet and I seem to be feeling a bit better.

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