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>The Everlasting Importance of Flowers & Home

>Many believe that the first beauty created in this world was the flower, a creation that asks for nothing and gives only pleasure to all human senses. It is used as decoration, for scent, as food, as a medicinal cure, … Continue reading

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>Classic Seaside Summer Cottage

> A leisurely, light-handed remodeling project restored the architectural integrity of a 1913 Craftsman-style summer cottage. At first, this home’s renovator thought the architecture too crude, too simple, too boxy to be attractive. But when the worst aspects of the … Continue reading

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>Wordless Wednesday


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>Illustrations of Love

>Valentine’s Day is upon us once again and visions of romance and flowers fill many minds. As I’ve grown older, and somewhat wiser, my husband and I now profess our love to each other every day so I look at … Continue reading

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>Are you a Dragonfly or Butterfly?

>Every gardener knows insects come with the territory, and every decorator knows these little critters also provide some fabulous designs for interior or exterior decorating. Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp Through the years, certain bugs rise in stature. Remember the dragonfly days when … Continue reading

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>Trend Watch – Fashionable Feathers!

> The new design trend in upscale home accents is the elegant flowing plumage and vivid jewel-tone colors of the gorgeous peacock.  The wonderful hues of blues, greens, yellows and purples from the peacock’s  feathers catch the eyes of those of us that … Continue reading

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>The Magic of Tiffany

>Turn back the clock to the late 1800s and imagine that electricity is something you’ve only heard about. Then imagine that — if you are rich enough — you’ve bought your first electric lamp, one with a shade that directs … Continue reading

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