>Lavender Ambiance

>Add an evocative ambiance to your beach cottage, inside and out! It’s easy to fall in love with lavender — the plant features attractive foliage, beautiful flowers, a great scent and the quiet colors of lavender create a memorable ambiance.

Sally Lee’s Garden Lavender – Mg Rhoades©

We’re lucky to live in Coastal Washington state which is an ideal climate to grow this lovely herb. The blooming stems of lavender can be harvested for fresh or dried blooms. The flowers can also be processed to yield an essential oil used for fragrance and aromatherapy. Blossom stems can be crafted into beautifully scented lavender wands, wreaths, and dried arrangements for your seaside cottage.

By using the color Lavender for your cottage walls it helps to promote restful sleep by relaxing and balancing your mood. Lavender is often paired with ivory or cream to give the room a bright, clean look. Boxy furniture can balance the soft quality of lavender. To avoid having ‘too much of a good thing’ do not decorate virtually everything in the room in lavender.

Adding some select accent pieces which incorporate a beautiful lavender hue is sure to make your seaside home extra special!

Lavender Shore Wreath – Blue Barnacles
Sputnik Sea Urchins in Brownish Lavender – Beach Grass Cottage

Seashell & Lavender Beach Glass Frame – Beach Grass Cottage

Leave white to the hotels. Instead, brighten your bath by swapping out standard, blah linens for plush towels in an array of new colors. Think of the season, and indulge your guests with hues from one color family. We chose pastel purple. From lavender to lilac, they’ll read as a complete set and look fresh for spring. To enhance the feel, add an aromatic sachet or pomander.

Southern Living

These antique French tins aren’t Lavender colored, however still provide a warmth and uniqueness to your cottage with their Lavande labels.

If you grow your own lovely Lavender then why not craft some lavender wands? Instructions.

Lavender Wand Weaving – Dave’s Garden

If you ever have a chance to visit a lavender farm, put it on the top of your tourist to-do list. Purple Haze Lavender Farm is on my list of places to visit someday…visit their website for lots of lovely Lavender inspiration.

Until next time…

Life’s A Beach – enjoy!


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Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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3 Responses to >Lavender Ambiance

  1. Steph Jordan says:

    >Like always you fuel my dreams about my beach house. The only material thing on my wishlist :-)) Beautiful Blog

  2. >Marie – nice job! The Sequim Lavender festival is coming up in July, might be a great time to plan your visit. Love the lavender honey at Purple Haze….

  3. >You are my favorite new blog! I've left you an award over at "Cottage By The Sea" today. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

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