>Decorating by Color: Yellow

>Today we celebrate the color yellow – it adds sunshine to a dreary day and can add some punch to your seaside retreat.  The color of sunshine and daisies, yellow brightens up dark rooms and breathes warmth into cold spaces.  Yellow can be bright and fun or subtle and relaxing…it all depends on your personality.

Tropical Beach House – Sailbeach.com

Nantucket Bathroom – CountryLiving.com

Interiors in Yellow – Sally Lee

Yellow Jellyfish Lamp – Crystal-fox.com
Soft Yellow Bedroom – CountryLiving.com

Golden Yellow Milk Glass Lamp – PotteryBarn.com

Pale Yellow Rhododendren – Sally Lee Photography

Cheery Yellow Living Room – SouthernLiving.com
Yellow Caribbean Coolers Pillow – Sally Lee


Romantic Yellow Entry – SouthernLiving.com


Vintage Artwork

Little Yellow Cottage – CommunityInfoShare.com

Yellow is a color that signifies happiness and warmth, as it is warm and luminous like sunlight. Just make sure to not go overboard with the color as it also stimulates the “caution” center in our brains. That cautious feeling causes something that is yellow to be easily noticed and grab people’s attention, but it does so at the expense of the viewers’ comfort. Using just a touch of yellow is the key to creating a lumious room!

May your day be filled with bright, cheery sunshine. Life’s A Beach…Enjoy!


About marierhoades

Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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3 Responses to >Decorating by Color: Yellow

  1. Rose West says:

    >Yellow always makes me feel a bit doubtful, but for some reason I dream of having a yellow and white laundry room. I like all the cool photos you posted!

  2. >I love your stuff, Marie! I always come away feeling refreshed and lighthearted from the gorgeous images and moment out of time aspect of the cottages. In addition to yellow, you know what else I love for the bright, cheery light feeling it gives? Madras plaid – the one that is predominantly the cool blues, kiwi/apple greens and lavenders. I think it's such a happy, clean look! Thanks for another wonderful post!~ Dawn

  3. Maya says:

    >Love the yellow cottage with the two starfish!!

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