>Seashell Chic


Adding seashells to your interior design immediately creates the feel of a seaside cottage – here are some easy to create ideas!
Tabletop Beach – To show off a shapely shell, pour sand into a glass cylinder vase. Arrange the conch to call attention to its natural beauty. Stand the vase on its own or rest another shell or two against the base.

Star Shower – For an ocean-fresh splash in the tub, string denizens of the sea along your shower curtain. Nab shells from a beach vacation or purchase some from a crafts store. Drill a small hole in the starfish (no need to drill holes in the sand dollars — they have one), string them on cotton cording, and loop the cording through the shower rings. You can also hang individual shells from lengths of twine or ribbon.

Shell Bowl – This is a pretty way to display large shells in a bathroom. One bowl-shaped shell is filled with a variety of shells and soaps, then topped with a pretty starfish.

Shells On Display – Large shells, individually displayed, are as attractive as fine sculpture. Look for perfect pieces that will sit flat or be propped up on a stand or pedestal.

A Textural Display – Shells appear in a wide range of neutral tones including white, beige, tan, and brown. Display their variety in an arrangement like this one — piled high with texture and interest in clear glass vases.

Gone Shelling – This home captures the essence of the beach in a nontraditional spot. Conch shells line these stairs, giving family members a place to show off their favorite shell treasures.

Looking for even more beachy inspiration? Check out Shell Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home With Seashells

Life’s A Beach – Enjoy!


About marierhoades

Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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7 Responses to >Seashell Chic

  1. sealaura says:

    >Love this post! I think I will go and get some sand and do a tall glass pillar display. last time I was in venice beach I picked up a fab shell and it must be displayed. Thanks for the link to the other ideas.

  2. >A few years ago I purchased several very glass cylinder vases from Pottery barn. A pair sits on either side of the fire place filled with candles and shells. Fishbowls of shells in the garden window. A tall vase on the floor, shells in urns and silver bowls….but my favorites are the ones we put on our holiday tree and bring back out in the summer. I've had a post written about them for awhile guess it's time to hit the publish button soon.

  3. >PS Just want to add when drilling starfish or shells the dust is very bad to inhale. Wear safety glasses and a mask for sure.

  4. OceanDreams says:

    >Love this – the cylinder with the shell is my favorite, so lovely!

  5. Riyan says:

    >Wow.This is awesome.A different and unique interior design concept.

  6. >Fun Marie, I still remember as a kid going to the seashore & trying to find shells…fun time. Thanks for sharing these great ideas to show off what you've found.Hugs,Bill

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