>Make The Best of Things


I found a wonderful project this week on Make The Best of Things  blog. She has just redone her teal and chocolate brown bedroom and turned a couple of plain, very cheap, glass vases into textured and teal – GORGEOUS vases!

You’ll be amazed at the finished project which takes on the rugged look of vintage worked leather! If you’re budget minded – thrifty – stingy with a buck then you’ll love her projects. For full step-by-step instructions >> Jazz Up Glass Vases Here

Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle

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11 Responses to >Make The Best of Things

  1. >The color is perfect. I wonder how well it would work if only the edges were mod podged so the paper can be changed easily.

  2. >@bhl – sounds like it may still work…hmmm…I guess one of us would have to give it a try!?! ;o)

  3. >Hi there! Thanks for featuring my wallpaper project for glass vases post, I appreciate it! I see the question above and if you made a full cylinder of the paper with the cut and folded paper to form the bottom, you could actually just mod podge the paper and not the glass at all, so the vase could slip into the paper cover. That's a good idea and you could easily change the paper cover when you wished. Very creative!

  4. bichonpawz says:

    >Wow! What a cool idea!!! I am definitely going to try this!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. >Gorgeous pieces…sounds like an interesting project!!Cheers

  6. Melody says:

    >Beautiful colors and great ideas. Your site is so attractive. I think you must live not too far from me. I recently took a trip through Washington on the way to Vancouver Island. What a marvelously beautiful place.

  7. >I loved this post – thanks for the great ideas!

  8. >Thanks for stopping by on this Memorial Day! Hope you are all having a beachy day :O)

  9. >Love all the teal green colours. Beautiful.

  10. >@Beach Vintage – me too! teal green is awesome.

  11. >Wow, that's truly amazing and such a great way to turn something old into something beautiful.

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