>Adventures in Garage Saling

>Thousands of visitors come to the Peninsula over Memorial Weekend for its 28 Miles of fun-filled garage sales each year. We shopped last year and were excited to see what we might find this year. We bundled up in our rain gear and headed out with newspaper, map, bottled water and Doritos© in tow. Even though it poured rain the entire time, it certainly didn’t dampened our spirits.

Our plan was to head south to the village of Seaview and then head back up home, visiting all the sales along the way. Of course, we drove by numerous sales on the way south so we had to stop at each and every one. Even when there was nothing that shouted, “Take me home!” we still had a fabulous time chatting with all the friendly locals.

My first find was at a little sale a few minutes from home…I have been looking for some small bowls. I have custard cups (you know those cheap clear glass ones) but I wanted something with a bit of color for serving up ice cream, fruit salad etc. I found a set of six rice bowls in a gorgeous teal color – perfect! Not a chip on any of them and I love the bright and cheery colors that will coordinate with my white dishes. My first bargain of the day was $3.00 for the set of six.

Our New Set of Rice Bowls
(Mg Rhoades© 2010)

Our first ‘planned’ destination was at the Super Sisters Garage Sale in Seaview. They actually had a great article written about them in last week’s local newspaper. The back and side yard as well as their cute little wood shed (they had white lace hanging in each window) was bursting full of everything you could think of. They were even prepared for the rain by hanging tarps above to keep shoppers & goods fairly dry. I didn’t really find anything at the actual sale; however the home where the sale took place won my “Best Home of the Day” award (okay, this is only an award in my mind). I yearn for the day when we have the time, energy and mighty dollar to re-paint our house and it will be a beautiful, soft, lovely yellow with bright white trim. My “Home of the Day” was painted the exact yellow that I want as well as being graced with the perfect white picket fence, tons of gold finches flying around the front yard and best of all the name of the home was…Happy Cottage. What a perfect name…just looking at this place put a SMILE on my face. I literally stood in a downpour to get a few shots; but promise to go back and get some better ones this summer.

Happy Cottage – Seaview, WA
 (Mg Rhoades© 2010)

A Happy Cottage for the Birds – Seaview, WA
(Mg Rhoades© 2010)

Happy Cottage Details – Seaview, WA
 (Mg Rhoades© 2010)

A Perfect Name – Seaview, WA
 (Mg Rhoades© 2010)
Happy Cottage – Seaview, WA.
(Mg Rhoades© 2010)

We ventured onward and upward; pulling off the road, making u-turns, getting lost, visiting lots of our neighbors along the way. David was happy as a clam when he found a wooden sailboat…his eyes lit up like a little boy (it was really pretty darn cute). It appears that someone had handcrafted the boat and even carefully sewed the sails. A bit of glue for the stand and it would be like new. David quickly purchased it for $5.00; which we thought was a great deal as it is 30″ high and just as wide…plus it made him very happy!

David’s New Sailboat
 (Mg Rhoades© 2010)
David’s New Sailboat
 (Mg Rhoades© 2010)

We journeyed northward and a set of cast iron bookends caught my eye. They have a rust-look finish, are extremely heavy and for some reason I just fell in love with them (you know how it is when something just speaks to you?!). They quickly found a place in my living room holding some antique books. Oh yeah, $1.00 for the set.

A to Z Bookends
(Mg Rhoades© 2010)

Sometimes you just gotta have a  burger and fries! After four hours of driving around in circles, our tummies were growling, so we swung into the best burger place on the Peninsula (at least, in our opinion) called Corral Drive-In.  It’s one of those old school drive-ins where you actually walk inside, order and wait 10 to 15 minutes for your custom made burger to be prepared; but it’s always worth the wait! I was delighted, as always, with my Canadian bacon and cheese hamburger and didn’t even spill any down my shirt! (YOU know what I’m talking about, don’t you?)

Mg Rhoades© 2010

The Corral offers a Grand Tsunami Burger which is made
with five pounds of hamburger and feeds 5 to 7 people!

As we ventured home we picked up some homegrown artichoke plants, basil and sunflowers and a few other treasures which I’ll share in future posts. One of our last stops offered a set of little accent lamps…they are a soft yellow and look like they had never been used. Of course, I had to buy them – I think they may end up in our bedroom makeover…we’ll see. $1.00 for the set!

Yellow Lamps – maybe I’ll add some trim or seashells?
(Mg Rhoades© 2010)

We had a great time; however were completely exhausted…it’s not easy doing all that shopping & eating! LOL!

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8 Responses to >Adventures in Garage Saling

  1. Shellbelle says:

    >Oh my gosh, you found some great goodies. Let's see, I love the book ends and those lamps are wonderful. The boat was a real steal and the cottage is gorgeous! What a fun time ya'll had, 28 miles of sales? Pure bliss!

  2. >Lovin' that boat and those "COOL" bookends! Thanks for coming to NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS…I hope you have a FUN time!Blessings,Linda

  3. Maya says:

    >That boat is awesome -what a super bargain!!! Why aren't there events like that where I love??!!

  4. >Five dollars for the sailboat? Now I can tell my DB he really overpaid.

  5. Decorchick! says:

    >Thank you for visiting my site today! That boat is way cool, what a deal!!

  6. >Look at all of those great items you foudn!

  7. >Thanks for joining us for Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  8. Anonymous says:

    >HI Sally,Susi Frost here – The owner of Happy Cottage in Seaview. it was a kick to see your comments and photos of our home on your blog. I am one of the 'super Sisters' and wanted to let you know that we are already planning our garage sale for Memorial Day 2011. If you come be sure to say hello so I know who you are.Susibobsusi@comcast.net

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