>Are you living like "Life’s A Beach?"

>While lounging in bed this morning, I found myself pondering about what, “Life’s a beach ~ enjoy” really means to me. I came up with this little list and even before we moved to the coast I had begun living this lifestyle. Here’s my answer to the question which was banging around in my head and a short video I put together for you…

~ The beach lifestyle is all about a relaxed attitude.

~ Life is casual and the pace is unhurried.

~ Nature provides excitement and time is spent outdoors as much as possibe.

~ Seizing the day is your motto for life

~ Embrace storms which pass through your life

~ Knowing every day is a precious gift to be treasured

As Bob Marley quoted, “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”

Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle


About marierhoades

Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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4 Responses to >Are you living like "Life’s A Beach?"

  1. >Hi – check check check check check, and check. I want everyone of the six things you listed. Sounds like a perfect life to me.Diane

  2. YogaSavy says:

    >I had the luxury to live on the beach for a month and loved it. Took me a while to get back to city living.

  3. Maya says:

    >I want to take long deep and relaxing breaths all the time…, like the natural and effortless rhythm of the waves.

  4. Rose West says:

    >Life's a beach – I like the relaxed lifestyle – and it is definitely relaxed here. But sometimes (not most of the time) I crave a little more busyness and bustle – but that's what vacations are for 😉

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