>What’s on your Head?

>Sunshine….we all love it; however there are some well known drawbacks to being in it.  Aside from the heat, doctors tell us that excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer as well as premature aging. What’s the solution? How about some fun, funky and stylish sun hats?

*According to Gian Fiero, “Women can create a stylish alter ego with the use of hats to showcase spunk, playfulness, attitude, flair, or sophistication.  When coordinated properly, hats can bring both personality and distinction to any ensemble while creating a new look for you. People who are slim with oval faces, tend to look best in what’s known as “skinny” brims, while those with more corpulent bodies, can wear wider brims with greater appeal.”

We’ve compiled some fun styles for your perusal and with all of these great options, there’s no reason to get a sunburn this season.

Sun Grubbies – Offers a complete line of UV protected hats, clothing, gloves and more.

Two of the hot designer accessory trends for this year are metallic and buckles. The Metallica Sun Hat is made with metallic threads that give a subtle shine to this trendy woman’s hat.

Metallica Sun Hat

The Tiffany hat is a maximum UV protection women’s hat that is sturdy enough for a walk along the beach or working in the garden, yet stylish enough to wear to a garden tea party. This sun hat has a straw-like look and we just love it!

Tiffany Sun Hat

Oooo la la, you won’t be missed in this outfit-making sun hat with an amazing 7 1/2″ brim. The wide, floppy brim is soooooo wide it actually shades your shoulders.

Samantha Travel Hat – Available in Bright or Pastel Coloration

Is it a hat? or is it a sun visor? The Zip Off Crown Sun Visor is both! This unique sun visor hat has a zip off crown to give you either option. Soft wide brim wraps around the head to shade the face and ears.

The company, Coolibar, also offers Sun Protective Clothing for the entire family! Their sun hats, UPF clothing and sun protection swimwear were the first garments recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

A stylish wide brim hat in not-so-basic black. The Horizon Sun Hat is cut from cool cotton canvas, then dressed up with overlapping metallic embroidered rings. You’ll love this sun hat for its dramatic look—and its feather-light feel.

Horizon Sun Hat

Like your women’s sun hats on the snazzy side? The Linen Daisy Hat offers the same silhouette as the popular Everyday Hat, plus elegant tonal embroidery that gives it a more dressed-up look.

Linen Daisy Hat

Go ahead—take sides! The Reversible Sun Hat offers two looks in one: solid with a pretty print band, or an all-over floral print. This is our favorite hat of them all!

Reversible Sun Hat

Searching for a beach hat that’ll work with anything in your wardrobe? The Sedona Hat is a natural choice, made from a durable weave that lends a dash of texture to your look.

The Sedona

Searching for a shapeable wide brim hat that can safely take you from pool deck to patio party—and everywhere in between? The Shapeable Poolside Sun Hat offers the largest canopy of shade in their hat lineup. The wired brim allows you to customize your coverage according to the position of the sun.

Shapeable Poolside Sun Hat

A sun visor is a smart choice for golf or any outdoor activity. The big brim in front shades your face, then tapers at the sides so you have a clear view. This adorable visor is available in ten colors!

Classic Sun Visor

Talk about fun in the sun. The printed canvas Tiki Sun Hat has an over sized brim to shade your skin, plus protective features galore. Like all Coolibar sun hats, it’s designed to provide superior UV coverage—and style to spare.

Tiki Sun Hat

Just for fun we stopped by the Jessica Simpson Collection and Old Navy…although they aren’t UV protected fabrics they will still provide some shade for your face and you’ll be very stylish while doing so. 


Oversize Floppy Hat from the Jessica Simpson Collection

Meet the crowning achievement of your summer wardrobe! Old Navy offers this colorful ombré-hued straw and a beaded raffia-string tie create a hat that’s perfect for the beach or your own backyard.

Beaded Ombre Straw Hat – Available in two colors

Here I am wearing one of my favorite hats. This pink hat with wide brim works great while I’m gardening and its made out of a light weave so it stays cool. Best of all, it was a birthday gift from my dearly departed Mom.

So, what’s on your head this summer? 

Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle

**Read more about wearing hats from Gian Fiero


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9 Responses to >What’s on your Head?

  1. michelle says:

    >What a great collection! I really like the black and white big brimmed hat! I love your pink hat, too cute!!

  2. sealaura says:

    >Fun hats! the bf and I love hats! I have a brown packableone from the San Diego Hat Co, and a straw one with shells and my fave baseball type ones are from Lacoste and of course from my beloved Notre Dame. I just got a new hat, while on a wine tour that my bf thought looked cute on me but we were on a WINE tour and now looking at the pics I look like one of the blues brothers! haha 🙂

  3. Shellbelle says:

    >I am a hat kind of gal and have been for many, many years. I keep a stack of sun hats and visors right next to my front door. I even posted a pic of them once. Seldom do I leave the house with something on my head. I love the very first one you showed us and I'm on my way over to check it out right now!

  4. >I have a few sun hats as I won't go outside or to the beach without one on.. I like the big visor style only as they let you put your head back comforatbly on a beach chair as you read a book. Great selection. I also like the big shapable purple one.

  5. >Great reversible hat. I wear a big SPF 50 hat.

  6. >i have always thought that it takes a confident woman to wear a hat. those hats are soooo darling!

  7. simpledaisy says:

    >Ooh what fun hats! I really love the reversable one:)

  8. Jane says:

    >I am a hat lover, too! My collection exceeds 20…all broad-brimmed. With my fair skin…and all the sun exposure I get here in FL, I have a hat with me year round. My favorites are so broad, that the soccer team used to tease me about having my own shade… At least the guys always knew where I was…under the orange hat!Jane (artfully graced)

  9. bermudabluez says:

    >I like the reversible hat and the black and white snazzy one! And you my dear…you look FABULOUS in your hat! I'm really not a hat person….I just look dreadful in a hat. Except my visors! I am a die hard VISOR GIRL!!! I do have a wide brimmed one kind of like yours that I wear when I am somewhere like South Padre Island!What a great post!!

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