>Whimsical Sand Sculptures

>The beach is flooded with bare feet and sand is sculpted into unique and whimsical designs…it must be time for SandSations! You’ll rarely find any boring sand castles as the contestants are mighty talented and some are quite serious about their sand sculpting.

The Long Beach Peninsula hosts the SandSations sand building contest each July. The festivities begin this Wednesday. “SandSations has been a favorite event in Long Beach, Washington for more than 25 years. Run wholly by volunteers, the event draws visitors from around the globe to participate and to watch the fun,” states SandSations.

David and I experienced our first SandSations last summer and we had a mighty good time…as you can see from the photos below…

That’s right…Parrots of the Caribbean!

Working on the Parrots treasure chest
A pirate sculpting a parrot
One of our favorites! “Some Assembly Required”

Back of “Some Assembly Required”

It’s Mr. Potato Head!! Get it…”Some Assembly Required!”

“Thomas the Tank”
A friendly spectator

A real “sand” dollar!

An eco-friendly VW Bug!
This guy was schmoozing the crowd!
Pooh & Mickey in Hollywood
Sandy Cityscape
How about a BIG scoop of Ice Cream?!?

Aha….a waffle cone!
Looks like it’s Nap time!
A unique castle
Time to dip the toes in the Pacific…

Visit SandSations website for full details on this year’s event as well as FunBeach.com for great information about events throughout the year…there’s always something happening at the beach!

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2 Responses to >Whimsical Sand Sculptures

  1. simpledaisy says:

    >Wow…now those are some serious sand castles!!!Amazing:)

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