>High Tech Beach Fun!

>High tech products seem to be touching every industry and the beach is no exception. We saw this Digital Camera Swim Mask in Coastal Living magazine last month and think it’s pretty darn swell! The swim mask has an integrated waterproof digital camera, eliminating the need to carry an underwater camera, keeping your hands free as you swim. What a great way to document a snorkeling adventure!

The waters off Bermuda are filled with these little striped Nemo-like fish.
The minimum focus distance for the mask  is half a meter, so this lone fish
 is a touch soft as it ventures closer than the camera can capture sharply. – PopPhoto.com
The Digital Swim Mask is available for $99.99 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Actual picture from Digital Swim Mask via PopPhoto.com review

“The 5MP camera can operate to a depth of 15′, making it ideal for use when snorkeling or swimming in pools. The mask’s eye pieces are made of tempered glass and have integrated crosshairs that allow you to line up shots easily; simply press the shutter button to take pictures or videos. An LED inside the mask tells you if you are in still picture or video mode.” Sounds great, doesn’t it?  What will they think of next?!?

Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle


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2 Responses to >High Tech Beach Fun!

  1. Mary says:

    >I.Want.One.Now. Really, how great would this be? I could really use one of these when my family goes out boogieboarding. It's next to impossible to get pictures of my family when they're in the ocean, while trying to use my little (non-waterproof)digital point and shoot. And it takes video too? Wow, thanks for posting this! Mary :O)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    >OMG I so need one of these! How cool.

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