>Sally loves Seashells

>We’re celebrating the coastal lifestyle with SEASHELLS today ~ we found some wonderful & inspiring seashell ideas that we just HAD to share!

Sharlotte of Ms Sharlotte’s Southern Reflections inspires us with her easy and fast seashell display boxes. 

“I found a little shadow box at Salvation Army, scrounged around a bit and found its mate. Yea! I’m always drawn to these and couldn’t resist. They were only 99 cents…no harm, right? I liked the color of the frames but had a different idea for the background. Taking off the back, I replaced the balloons with burlap and a seashell. It was quick and easy. With a little bit of Windex, I had a new addition to my home.”

What a gorgeous display ~Sharlotte’s framed starfish fits right in!

Our delightful beach friend, Rita, of Beach House Living shared some of her fabulous glittered shell decorations on her blog recently. I’m so totally in awe of these and I want them all.  You must visit her blog and see all of the photos…you’ll drool ~ literally :O)

“These glittery shells somehow brighten the grayest of days every time they are removed from their boxes. All they need is a tiny bit of light to glimmer. They never fail to produce a smile…That must be the reason we have over 150 of these glittered beauties alone.”

While we’re sharing seashells, my daughter said that I should share my “Seashell Shadow Box” with you. My mother originally purchased the shadow box in the 1950’s and it has seen many make-overs throughout the years. I re-decorated it for my mother about ten years ago and added the seashells, green paint and gold gilding. It now resides in our guest room and holds some favorite knick knacks.

That’s about it for today ~ I hope you have a beachy weekend.  I’m hoping that everyone has entered to WIN our picnic basket giveaway which ends on Monday…if not, here’s the LINK!

Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle

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9 Responses to >Sally loves Seashells

  1. furygirl3132 says:

    >What lovely pics and what beautiful seashells, thanks so much for sharing!I am a new follower from New Friend Friday, so glad to have found your blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!EloiseMommy2TwoGirlshttp://mommy2twogirls.blogspot.com/

  2. >Beautiful tabletop display. Love the bottles.

  3. Sharlotte says:

    >Well hello Marie! What a wonderful surprise to be featured on your blog! You are too sweet to include me with the other ladies. I love your blog and am your newest follower! Thanks again for the feature!Sharlotte

  4. >Hi there! Stopping by from the Friday follow.

  5. Steph Jordan says:

    >Absolutely gorgeous. Really love the Mirror and the Table Display. Always so beautiful here!

  6. Terrell says:

    >LOVE these pics!!! WOW! You should check out my story about seashells on my blog..it's a hoot! I hope you have a beautiful weekend, girly!Hugs!~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  7. >Gorgeous pictures. Love your shadow box.

  8. >Thanks for the kind mention. That is a neat old shell shadow box perfect for displaying even more shells.

  9. >The Single Nester loves seashells too! Any blog name with Sea in it had me at hello!

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