>A Treasure of Seashells

>On a recent outing to the seashore my daughter & I found ourselves acting as children and playing precariously in the sun-warmed sand.  Let me explain…our afternoon had been spent reminiscing and laughing with no seashell collecting to be had. The clouds began to slowly make their way into shore so we decided to head back to the Jeep.  Some warm soft sand is what our feet were in the mood for, so we slowly meandered homeward in the sugary sand near the dunes.  Not paying much attention to anything other than our conversation, we both looked down to the sand and saw numerous seashells peeking through.  Upon further inspection we discovered a wealth of treasure before our eyes!

Pacific Oyster shells and Manila Clams were gracing at least a 6 foot x 6 foot space on the ground. We quickly started grabbing handfuls until we realized that there was much more treasure than originally anticipated. By now the clouds were covering our sky, the wind was getting colder and colder with every second that passed. I ran (okay, I walked fast) to get the Jeep while Elizabeth stayed behind to harvest.  By the time I returned there was a mighty nice pile of shells ready to toss into the Jeep.  I jumped into the sand and started digging alongside daughter as the rain sprinkles began to come down.  We laughed and giggled without noting how cold we were because a childlike spirit enveloped us while collecting more and more and more shells!  We used the large Oysters as shovels and ended up digging nearly a foot or more down into the sand.

Digging for more treasure!

Clams as Castanets! (I don’t know where she gets her silliness from…hee, hee, hee)

Another pile of shells…
The back of the Jeep – Quite the haul of shells!

Earlier in the day, I had said that I would have to purchase some shells before I could re-do my master bathroom mirrors as I didn’t have enough similar shells to start.  I certainly have enough now! We’re assuming that someone might of had a cookout (although, no remnants of a bonfire or anything appeared on the beach) and dumped the shells afterward. No matter, they will make lots of fun projects for us over the next year.

Looking for inspiration, I knew that my first stop would be to one of my all-time favorite blogs, Completely Coastal, and of course, I found this fabulous mirror for inspiration!

Making the Oyster Shell Mirror
from Wisteria – “Sandi of Self Confessed Lamp Tramp saw Wisteria’s
Oyster shell mirror and she was inspired, and determined to make one

 This Shell Mosaic frame from Country Living is simply divine in my eyes ~ what do you think?

Crafting with Shells from Country Living – Incorporating the Manila Clam shells into something like this would be easy!

Other than using the oyster shells for my mirrors I wasn’t really sure what other crafts they would work for; however Waterside Styles showcased this unique Oyster Shell Centerpiece which I may try. Since Christmas will be here before we know it (sorry, but it’s true!) possibly I’ll make one or two for presents?!?!

Oyster shell centerpiece by Waterside Styles

Since I’ve been making candles for over a decade I knew that I had to find a project which incorporated candles with seashells . . . “Lovely on their own, or as splendid companions to sand candles, candles in seashells celebrate the beach. Collect only good-sized, empty shells, or save the shells from your next clambake or oyster fest.” boasts CountryLiving.com.

Make your own Seashell/Oyster Candles at Country Living

Maya of Completely Coastal never disappoints so I popped back to her blog again and she had a nice post about “Making Seashell Candles” too!

Completely Coastal provides resources for making your own Seashell Candles!
 I hadn’t thought of salt and pepper dishes; but I think they would really spice up a table setting! Don’t you?
Seashell Salt & Pepper by Martha Stewart!

…and how about a Seashell Dish for Jewelry or Keys?

Oyster Shell Dish

I have lots of inspiration now! I’m currently cleaning small batches of the shells getting them ready for all these fun projects and don’t worry…I’ll share the finished crafts with you! Have a wonderful week.

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11 Responses to >A Treasure of Seashells

  1. lockofire says:

    >Shells are sooo cool!

  2. seaphemera says:

    >Lots of new ideas – thanks! Now I need more time in my day! 🙂

  3. >Seashell treasure! Good luck on your new project…… but even if they just go into a glass vase, it will be such a wonderful memory that you can admire every day.

  4. >Now that's a boatload of shells…looks like ya'll had a fun time collecting them. Just checking…did you get my e-mail about the giveaway?Blessings,Linda

  5. Shellbelle says:

    >Shelling as a family sport, oh yeah, the best of times. You got a nice haul there, can't wait to see your finished project!

  6. >The shell mosaic is an artwork Marie! What an amazing home you and your daughter have!

  7. YogaSavy says:

    >Amazing work done with shells. Beautiful

  8. >I'd be excited too if I found a ton of oyster shells…, and I can't wait to see what you create…, make sure to let me know (just in case)!!! Thanks sooo much for the links!! I really like that candle oyster shell piece.

  9. >I would be thrilled to find so many oyster shells at once. I've seen that mirror it weighs a ton I think. I've tried the little pearls for feet on shells it looks adorable try some.

  10. Tina D says:

    >Marie,As always I love visiting your site, lots of wonderful ideas. I like the shell candles and I too would not have thought of the salt and pepper holders for decor.Tina DTDGS – Supporting Women in Businesshttp://tdgs-supporting-women-in-business.blogspot.com/

  11. bed frame says:

    >I can't believe how you made those shells into very amazing things. You are very artistic and you have a very crafty hand. I love all your art work. I am so amazed in all your work.

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