>Giga Shell: All Dressed Up

>The delightful Debbie of Love of the Sea was recently blown away by the retail prices of Giga Shells (up to $1500.00!) so she decided she clearly had to go in a different direction…

“I didn’t want to
abandon my vision for a coastal clam centerpiece and was determined to create a masterpiece!” Debbie found this gorgeous Giga Shell made of resin at ZGallerie for a mere $59.99:

T. giga is the largest of all the clams, with the largest shells of the specimen measuring almost 55 inches long. Giga has a smooth shell, and
usually a lime green mantle, with small blue spots. After the fabulous Giga arrived, Debbie assembled a treasure of seashells, starfish, coral and such to make her fabulous centerpiece.

…and she created this masterpiece!

If you’re a lover of seashells then you must stop by Love of the Sea to see ALL the photos of each type of seashell that fills this beautiful piece. 

If you haven’t gotten enough Giga shell inspiration then visit our friend, Maya, of Completely Coastal who did a great article about giant clam decor last year . . .Completely Coastal


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8 Responses to >Giga Shell: All Dressed Up

  1. >Thanks so much for including me, Sally!! One day I'll have one of those mega shells but stone cast…, perhaps for outdoors even!

  2. lockofire says:

    >These wavy shells are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. >What an awesome shell and fillings. Maya is right-it would be cool for outdoors too!

  4. BeachGypsy says:

    >That is gorgeous! I love it!!

  5. >Hi Marie – I am so touched and you made my day!! Thank you so much for this post. I am so delighted that you liked it enough to put a feature post together. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  6. >GeorGeouS!!Another Friday's Favorite for sure 🙂

  7. >I saw this on her blog. Isn't it wonderful how she decorated it.

  8. >Thanks for the mention again today!! Hope you are having a marvelous Sunday!!!

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