>Seashell Sorting Station!

>I’ve been in organizing mode lately and was thinking it was time to get some of my boxes, tubs and baskets of seashells into an area where I can get them organized somehow. The best idea I’ve seen in a long time is this Nature Table from The Write Start. We don’t have any little ones around the house but this sorting station is a great idea…and very charming – don’t you think?

The bench was originally purchased from Ikea years ago as a shoe bench; however it’s been transformed into this wonderful seashell sorting station for use during Summer (however I would use it all year on my covered patio!).  I actually have many of the Ikea baskets used (they are awesome!) and I just love the look of wicker baskets with seashells.  This bench from Ikea is a “cousin” to the original one used and is VERY reasonably priced.

“The basket-filled cubbies are perfect for storing other nature finds, such as acorns, pine cones, bird nests, egg shells, and rocks. We also keep important nature-related tools in the baskets, such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, a flashlight, a jar with holes for bug catch-and-release, and little notebooks for recording observations.”

The little chalkboards (so cute!) were recently added for labeling the shells as well as flora, fauna and flotsam and jetsam.  View full article >> The Write Start

Where do you put your newly collected seashells? 
Do you have some kind of sorting “station”?


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4 Responses to >Seashell Sorting Station!

  1. >Great idea now if I only had a place to put said sorting station!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I have a similar sorting station but I keep mine outside at the beach cabin. There was an old table/cabinet in the basement that came with the cabin. I took it outside and gave it a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint. I then went to garage sales and bought wicker baskets. I sort the shells on top of the table like you and leave them out to dry. Once dry they are moved and stored in the baskets. this is all located under cover so it stays dry. The shells are then used in many projects. Your idea works perfect because I have been using the same idea.

  3. >Love this sorting station. I wished I had room for something like this!!!

  4. Hanna says:

    >Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at http://www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.comTake a peek at my giveaways when you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous:)

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