>{Interior Design} Pretty, Feminine & Pink


Happy Pink Saturday, friends. As I sat down last night to write today's blog post the power went off – – that will teach me to wait until the last minute LOL!

The Washington Coast is experiencing rain, rain and more rain! The rain is now combining with a cold front from Alaska so hail, thunder and temps in the low 40's are definitely making this beach girl thankful that she has a warm and cozy home to be in. Liz is currently driving up into the snowy Cascade mountains for a Seattle Backpacker's Magazine photo shoot today (she's a professional actress & model in her spare time), so this mom is a bit on edge until I know she is back home safe and sound with her hubby (we never stop worrying, do we?).

I just never get tired of looking at pretty, feminine and glorious decorations so was excited when I found all these lovely PINK holiday trees and decorations…they are sure to warm the spirit on a cold and dreary December day.  Happy Holidays to my Pink Saturday friends as well as everyone who can appreciate the beautiful of PINK!

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15 Responses to >{Interior Design} Pretty, Feminine & Pink

  1. >I do love that large pink Christmas tree with the huge balls! True eye candy…, don't think I'd ever get my husband to agree!Stay warm!!

  2. >So pretty! I'm pretty partial to the vintage pink ornaments. The wind is really howling here in Seattle! I'm feeling a little grateful that our remodel out on the coast is behind schedule, and we don't have the house up on cribbing yet! We will have a period of about a month when it will be resting on cribbing, and held to the foundation by long cables!

  3. >Love the pink!!! So pretty.

  4. >So many pretty pinks….I hope your daughter will get back home safel and I am sure she will…We used to live in Blaine, Wa. I loved it there…lucky you with rain and thunder…we are now in Michigan by Lake Huron and we have cold, ice and snow….one of our squirrels that I put corn out for, took one of the corn cobs and has left in a branch in the tree in our front yard…his/her way of decorating. lol!Merry Christmas and Happy Pink Saturday, too!Jil

  5. >What great pics you have found there! Mouth watering!!Have a great PS! And wonderful weekend!

  6. Kay Ellen says:

    >Happy PS!!Beautiful vintage pink treasures you are sharing today~~Have a blessed weekend!Smiles,Kay Ellen

  7. >Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones…Thank you for sharing HPS!

  8. LV says:

    >Thanks for taking the time from the warm fire to pay me a visit. No, we never stop thinking about our loved ones and being concerned no matter what age. I loved your post of pinks.

  9. >Happy PS! Gorgeous photos! I have some of the same ones saved to a file. I never tire of the feminine and romantic stuff either! I guess we're just girly girls!

  10. Donnie says:

    >I loved all your photos. Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. >To quote a cliche: Pretty in Pink!

  12. Connie says:

    >I love Washington and it's where our granddaughter and her family live, but not on the coast, just near Redmond since they both work at Microsoft and XBox. I could live there but I do love Idaho.Darling blog and thank you for being a new follower. You really, REALLY want to read a post I just created for 1/3/11. I doubt you'll wanna miss it, sugar! Nice to meet you.xoxo,Connie

  13. Marie Arden says:

    >Merry Pinkmas. I just got to your blog on Sunday. I love the all pink Christmas tree My world is pink all the time. Come visit my blog too– we have some pink things in common.Marie Arden Pink Living. blog

  14. >Every bit of this pink is so gorgeous. I have a number of pink vintage ornaments I have collected all year. The plan was to put them in the punch bowl on the sideboard in the dining room BUT it never got done. Maybe next year! We never ever stop worrying about our kids….whether they are still in school or grown up and married with children of their own. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy belated Pink Saturday. xo Lynn

  15. >What absolutely delightful images! They are 'delicious'! …so glad that I stopped by from Pink Saturday!… Merry, Merry!

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