>Sand Castles in January!?!


Sand Sculpture ~ Long Beach, Washington

Dig your hands into the warm sand and build yourself a beautiful castle… a sandcastle that is!

Okay, we realize that it’s only January; but what a fun way to get out of your Winter funk!  So many of our friends are stuck inside with temperatures well below zero that we thought some summertime beach dreams might brighten your day.

We are forever astounded at the art, passion and skill which is involved in each sand sculpture. The detail work is phenomenal and really must be witnessed in person to get the full effect.

Coastal Living Magazine actually selected our home town of Long Beach, Washington as their number ONE pick on last year’s Top 10 Sand-Castle Contests so, of course, we recommend checking out our July 2010 Article about our local Sand Castle Contest. >> Whimsical Sand Sculptures

Some Assembly Required ~ Long Beach, WA “Sandsations”

Virginia Beach End of Summer Sandcastle Competition
Virginia Beach, End of Summer Sand Castle Competition

Sand Angel

Sand AngelSouth Padre Island, TX

Wallace and gromit sandcastle
The two lovable British clay characters Wallace and Grommit
U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition
U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition, Port of San Diego

Virginia Beach End of Summer Sandcastle Competition
Virginia Beach ~ End of Summer Sandcastle Competition

Virginia Beach End of Summer Sandcastle Competition
Virginia Beach ~ End of Summer Sandcastle Competition

Why not plan now for a summer trip to your favorite beach? Check your
favorite beach’s website for their schedule of 2011 Sandcastle building
contests. If you’d like to visit Long Beach, Washington’s annual ‘Sandsations’ event…Visit FunBeach.com and/or SandsationsLongBeach.com.


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4 Responses to >Sand Castles in January!?!

  1. >These are absolutely amazing.You must have guranteed long breaks in the weather. I am sure in the UK it would start to rain just an hour into the builds and ruin everything. Oh well we can but hope eh?

  2. >I've seen the ones at Va. Beach and the Outer Banks…amazing stuff! Even though I am headed to the beach this week I doubt there will be any sand castle building going on….brrr too cold. But hey….it's always good at the beach I say. 🙂 Have a fabulous week.

  3. Gina Black says:

    >What great works of art these are!

  4. Garden Forum says:

    >Fantastic sand sculpture…Very skillful art work.

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