>An Afternoon at the Antique Store


Liz and I recently spent the afternoon browsing through Long Beach Peninsula Trading Post; which is brimming with hand selected antiques….and it literally took us almost all afternoon to search through the delightful selection!

A warm hello from proprietor, Bob Hill, made us feel instantly at home. We started on the left and walked into the "library" complete with a working pellet stove.

The two story building is efficiently and lovingly organized into themes for ease of finding your treasure. It was apparent that Bob and wife, Brenda, truly take pride in the pieces which they select to fill their store. Every corner had unique treasures to discover.

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6 Responses to >An Afternoon at the Antique Store

  1. >I've never been there but it looks like a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing all the photos :-)Blessings,Marcia

  2. >Holy goodness!!! I am loving bottles as well… and all those glass floats?I would have been in heaven!!Smiles~Cricket

  3. >I collect glass floats, so I was in heaven looking at all of these! Looks like a fabulous place to spend the day browsing.

  4. simpledaisy says:

    >Oh my….what a fun place!! Love the bottles and the floats!!

  5. michelle says:

    >What a beautiful place and so many wonderful treasures! The glass floats are amazing, they are on my list of things to get for my home! Thank you for sharing your day. 🙂

  6. >Well, luckily I will be passing through Long Beach on my way home tomorrow! I will be stopping in to check out this place. And….since I am the Glass Float Junkie, you can be sure I'll be drooling over those floats!! :)Kamichia 🙂

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