>{Coastal Crafts} Beach Towel Bags


I am admittedly not a very good seamstress; however this project looks like a manageable beach craft project.

Since the weather isn't quite right for lounging on the beach yet I thought that these beach towel bags would be a great project to work on to have ready for beautiful Spring days on the shore.

Evidently, with very little alteration, these beach bags can be created. Since I can follow directions and sew straight lines, I'm not too afraid of this adorable beach bag project.

Ready, set, sew!

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Beach bum, wife, mother, lover of dogs & cats. Editor of Sally Lee by the Sea, http://nauticalcottageblog.com, a beach cottage design & lifestyle website.
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9 Responses to >{Coastal Crafts} Beach Towel Bags

  1. michelle says:

    >These are great, something that I might even be able to do. 🙂

  2. >this is awesome, I might try that.

  3. >What a great idea, one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments.

  4. Vikki says:

    >Vikki again (commented on your recipe site too!)… seriously, i LOVE this site; I can't wait till we move back to Nova Scotia! Some of the ads in your sidebar made me think of this NS pewter place I thought you'd like: http://www.amospewter.com/check it out; sweetest little seaside treasures 🙂 ps: towel bags are the best; we have ones that turn inside out into backpacks 😛 haha we're like little kids, me and the man!

  5. Lisa says:

    >A great idea.Cheers,Lisa x

  6. Gina Black says:

    >Must make some of these for me and the kids this summer – great idea!

  7. >Thanks for stopping by. Glad you did, I'm now following! Love this idea.

  8. CAS says:

    >Great ideas! Perfect for the beach or the pool.CAS

  9. >super cute idea – a must try for another person that can hardly sew LOL!

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