>Going to Bed Early is a Dream Come True


Whether you are married, single, have kids, pets or not it matters not when it comes to pampering yourself.

How often do you go to bed early? Americans are sleep deprived and going to bed early is a simple way to help restore your spirit.  If you’ve got family running around, your stress level is peaking and everyone is  driving you crazy then it’s time to ask your significant other, family or friends to take care of your responsibilities for one evening every once in a while.

First thing to do is to remember that you deserve this time and that you should never feel guilty for taking care of yourself. I love to take a hot bath or shower and get into some warm PJ’s before preparing myself a nice hot drink e.g. hot chocolate. Take your drink to bed and watch a favorite movie, listen to some relaxing music, paint your nails, enjoy the fragrance of some incense while cuddled up in bed. Make sure what you are watching isn’t full of action and death or loud noises; you want to use this time for relaxation. If you’re a reader then you may prefer this quiet time to escape into one of your favorite books or magazines.

Once you are relaxed and sleepy, blow out any candles or incense, turn out the lights in your bedroom and think of relaxing or calming thoughts until you fall asleep.

It may take practice to get use to nurturing yourself as well as getting a restful night’s sleep. If at first you don’t succeed then try again…you are worth the effort.

Additional reading: http://www.ehow.com/how_4472029_create-ideal-sleeping-environment.html

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  1. >A beautiful bedroom is always conducive to a good nights rest ~ beautiful blog Marie ~CheersSian

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