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>12 Ways to Increase Readership of your e-Newsletter

>As a savvy business person, you’ve no doubt at some time or another started down the track of creating a Newsletter or eNewsletter for your business. These incredible communication tools are well known for their ability to connect, inform, sell … Continue reading

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>Light up your life with these bright decorating ideas.

>Cluster white tea lights or votive candles in pretty jelly jars on a tabletop. Illuminating ways to display candles by Real Simple magazine The Magic of Candlelight by Real Simple magazine – Great photos!

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>Candle trivia

>Did you know…………….. No one really knows why we have candles on birthday cakes? It is a fact lost in history, but some think it is because the ancient Greeks use to make round cakes in honor of the full … Continue reading

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>Green Earth Journey: Blog Rating System

>Green Earth Journey: Blog Rating System

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>Earth Friendly Marketplace

>I just put together a new social network for crafters, artisans, artists and anyone who loves shopping for earth friendly and/or handmade gifts. Please join us because together we CAN make a difference! Earth Friendly Marketplace

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>Sustainable Environment for Quality of Life

>I literally stumbled upon this website ( and it has a great list of easy ways to save the environment. Most of the items are easy and very inexpensive (or free!) to implement into your daily life. Check the site … Continue reading

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>Old Navy goes ‘Green’!

>One of my all time favorite online stores is Old Navy. I recently received a flier in the mail from them advertising one of their fabulous sales; however what really excited me was the fine print that stated, “This direct … Continue reading

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